Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where does the time go????

Well, it's been too long since I posted last and much has happened. I went to Adelaide for the Quilt Retreat at Wallaroo at the end of Feburary and had a ball. I had a couple of days with my SIL Elly before the retreat and I had a couple of days with my friend Shaz that went far to fast. While I was on the retreat I offered some Scrapbag Caddy's for sale and was really suprised when I sold all that I had with me and got orders for more. Since then Shaz has got orders for more so while she is away on holiday I have a month to get them finished.

Here's some of the ones I have made so far.

I still have to finish my quilt that I started but too many things keep getting in my way. Next week my new sewing table arrives and then I can finish getting orginized in my sewing room. Yes, I have a sewing room... We were lucky to be offered a 4 bedroom house which we took very quickly, So now I have my sewing room, DH Rod has his own Computer room and we have Lesley's room, which is also the guest room.

When we went looking for my sewing table at our favourite Pineshop we were distracted by a beautiful glass unit that would be perfect for my Owls... so it was the first of 3 items we brought that day and the following week we went back and added a further 4 items to our list of items to be delivered.

This is my new Owl Cabinet.

{Yes, I still have room to put more in}

My friend's in our sewing group who gave me a Beautiful Glass Owl, as a farewell gift.

You will find it on the top shelf in the centre between my 2 white owls.

It is my pride & joy, it was the first owl put in my new cabinet,

above the reach of little visitor's hands.

This is our new Enterainment unit but while our TV looks really small,

the new TV will have to wait a little while.

These are our morning visitor's, a pair of Kookaburra's who nest in the gum trees, come and sit on our back fence and sing their beautiful tunes on and off from about 6am.

Which is great during the week but DH gets cranky when they start on the week-end's when he wants to sleep in. LOLThis is one of my folding bookcases that DH brought me to hold my bolts of fabric.

We put it in my sewing room wardrobe, put the fabric bolts on it only to find it wouldn't all fit. So....When we went back we got another one, now I have room for another few bolts of fabric.... Now I just have to wait for my table and I can move my sewing machine & gear to my sewing room. Then DH will stop grumbling about where was he suppose to sit at the dinning table. I just tell him he can sit anywhere he likes just don't dribble milk on on my fabric.

Have fun on your holiday, Shaz

Talk soon


Monday, February 8, 2010

Moved in at last, Boy am I over Moving! ! ! ! ! ! !

I was glad to move into our new home here in Brisbane but I hate the unpacking. I got the guys to unpack the breakable things and my sewing room stuff but then I was left with things everywhere. I had to empty everything from my sewing room into the spare room so I could put my sewing desk & bookcase where I wanted them........ Then came the hard work..... where to put all my fabric. They were unable to get my Wall Unit around the corner into my sewing room so I had to swap it {Under Heavy Protest} with Rod for his large bookcase which they could get in because it wasn't as long. I still have stuff to put away but as they smashed my china cabinet I can't put my 800+ Owls away so they are enjoying their temporary new home in the bookcase in the lounge, which means the books have to stay in their boxes a while longer. Hmm I wonder which is more impointant My Owls or the Books ....... My Owls of course. LOL

Here is a photo of Jimmy my mini poodle after we picked him up from the airport....... Just loves his Dads lap ...........

Jimmy had a holiday with my sister for 4 weeks while we were waiting to move into our house as you can see he's a bit on the woolly side so I booked him into get a trim last Friday.
Jimmy after his trim, he looks so much better.
I'm looking forward to the Quilt Retreat at the end of the month, Yea, a week away to sew & catch up with family & friends. Woohoo
See ya soon Girls

Monday, January 4, 2010

Well our holiday is over and it's time to start our drive to Brisbane. We are leaving about 8am but the car is yet to be packed, so it will be a little later. We are only driving to Dubbo tomorrow then off to Goondiwindy then Brisbane.
Have to go as it's after 1.30am and the alarm is set for 7am.....
Quilty Hugs

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi Guys,
Well, 2010 has arrived and I hope you had a safe & happy New Year.
We had a very quiet New Year, we watched some old DVD's till about 1am then decided to head to bed. Today has started out quiet but that too will change when we all get together for dinner tonight. My plan for today is to finish the cat blocks I'm doing for a friend in the USA, they were suppose to be done and sent before xmas but life & our moving got in the way.
I forgot to pack my cable for my camera so I can't post any photo's yet but "Watch this space"LOL
Happy Quilting

Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving House

Hi Every-one,
Well, the house is all packed and the car is over full thanks to all the quilting things I just had to take with me. My hubby Rod did a great job of making it all fit and still leave room for Jimmy my mini poodle.
We arrived at my sisters place in Mooroopna, (12 kms from Shepparton for those who are wondering) Victoria. We are having a 10 day holiday here before pushing on to Brisbane, Queensland, we leave on the 5th January but our house won't be ready until the 27th.
Hence all the quilting stuff I just had to take with us, I hate not having anything to do.
We have spent the last few days catching up on our sleep as well as family, those afternoon nana naps have really come in handy.
Well that's it for now